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Mero Nepal -our personal trip through Nepal- (15d)

    Two weeks touring Nepal off the beaten tourist itineraries. While we didn’t leave out anything that you must see on a trip to Nepal, this itinerary covers less usual, more enriching places that represent an additional experience to the Nepal reality. Here you have it, the highlights but visited in a different way and spaces and experiences that are a great challenge.

    Kathmandu City (5d)

      If we can make a 4-day trip to New York or Paris, why not Kathmandu? Both the city and its surroundings offer a very different experience. We will find a society of great vitality and at the same time very different from our own, with many spectacular places, a place to travel with our eyes and spirit wide open. Do you dare to think differently?

      Patan (Lalitpur)

        Patan, along with Bhaktapur and Kathmandu, is also a former royal city. Although it is attached to the south of Kathmandu as if it were a suburb, it is an independent city and is quieter than the capital, with a different rhythm and atmosphere. Its Sanskrit name is Lalitpur, which means “city of beauty”. The old part is known as Patan Dhoka. The whole neighbourhood is full of shops selling religious art in bronze or other metals.