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Tíbet, Everest and Rongbuk Small-Trek (17d)

    This trip takes you through breathtaking landscapes in the middle of an arid and frozen environment, with the highest mountains in the world as a backdrop. A route that combines a part of the journey by vehicle from Lhasa following the Friendship Route to Nepal with a short four-day trek to the foot of Everest.

    Tíbet. Towards Chomolungma (14d)

      To stand at the foot of Everest is naturally an attraction itself. Watching its mass rise into the sky from the valley floor at the mythical Rongbuk Monastery amidst awe-inspiring surroundings. But of course, there is much more on this trip. Travelling along part of the route that has linked Lhasa and Kathmandu for centuries of trade and cultural and economic exchange.

      Tíbet – travel information

        Tibet always fills our mind with images of Buddhist monks reciting mantras, caravans of yaks across frozen lands, prayer flags waving in the wind, wide windswept horizons and the high peaks of the Himalayas in the background. Tibet is a vast territory situated in one of the harshest places on earth to live.