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Nepal – travel information

    The highest peaks permanently white; large, medium, small and tiny temples; difficult roads; small villages and farms perched in the mountains; prayer flags flowing in the wind, lush forests up to 4000 metres high; kites flying in search of the skies … or entangled in the wires; saffron-dressed Tibetan monks; rivers of milk-coloured water; … but, above all, smiles, between frank and shy

    Sikkim & Darjeeling – travel information

      From the summit of the world’s third-highest mountain, the 8586m high Kanchendzonga, to mighty rivers roaring through deep valleys. From alpine landscapes full of flowers and meadows between rugged mountains to dense subtropical forests. All shrouded in lush greenery and where morning mists create spectacular scenery among its more than 200 Tibetan-style Buddhist monasteries. This is Sikkim, the world’s first organic state.

      Bhutan – travel information

        Bhutan, Druk-Yul, is the land of the “Thunder Dragon”, that appears on its flag and the Druk-pa are its inhabitants. It was one of the most isolated countries in the world until tourism was allowed into the 70’s while many areas of the country are still restricted. This fact has preserved its traditions and culture from western influence, while it has become the main attraction for tourists.

        Tíbet – travel information

          Tibet always fills our mind with images of Buddhist monks reciting mantras, caravans of yaks across frozen lands, prayer flags waving in the wind, wide windswept horizons and the high peaks of the Himalayas in the background. Tibet is a vast territory situated in one of the harshest places on earth to live.