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- we help you to design your tailor-made trip -

Nepal - Trip

Nepal is a very interesting country, but as everywhere, there are many Nepal and many ways to approach it. On this website, you have travel itineraries through Nepal, but maybe they don’t fit exactly what you want, whether it’s a matter of days, objectives, way of travelling or whatever. You want to make a tailor-made trip, but you don’t want to travel on your own. Well, nothing could be easier!

How many days do you want to travel?

What do you want to do?

What interests and attracts you the most?

Do you want us to organise everything for you or do you prefer to travel more freely?

Every traveller is different and everyone has their own preferences. What are yours?

At PLAN HIMALAYA we help you to design your own travel programme.

The first step is yours, deciding how many days you want to travel and what interests you most.

You can simply ask us to organise a trip for you, tell us what you are most interested in and how many days of travel you are thinking of. We will make a programme for you. But maybe you should start by getting to know a bit of what you can find in Nepal, what you are most interested in … and let us inspire you.


Naturally, you have a lot of information at your fingertips, both on the net itself and in some travel guides. But on our website, we have also provided you with information that can be very useful to help you plan your own trip.

On the one hand, we have written information about different places in Nepal. Not all of them, of course, but the most representative ones. You will find general information about what you can find and what each place is like.

Then you also have a series of activities or experiences that can make your trip a bit different. Some are relatively standard, such as the Kathmandu or Pokhara sightseeings, although we do them a bit different and you also have alternative tours. Many of them we have built ourselves and you won’t find them in other agencies. We create new ones from time to time.

You also have the travel programmes, which are very useful as a starting point, as you can add and remove elements, making up a final and different programme.

All these elements will inspire you and make you see more clearly which are the places where you want to be or which activities interest you the most. But even more, maybe there is a place or an activity that interests you and you haven’t seen it on our website. No problem. Tell us about it and we will add it to the programme.


… and then, we start working together. There are many ways to do it, you can give us an outline or we can talk about it. Between you and us we will make the trip that comes closest to what you want. We are here to advise you and tell you the reality of the country: about the accommodation, transport, permits, etc. Everything that can help you make the decision between one place or another when you have doubts.


In addition, you can travel in the format you want: You can travel freely on your own and we simply organise some activity, a small trek, flights, some transport in a private vehicle, etc. Travelling with the whole programme, accommodation, visits, transport, guide, meals. Between one option and the other, there is a whole range of ways to organise the trip, but as our travel philosophy, we would also like you to be able to experience the country, its people, its landscapes.

The usual format is to have the accommodation and transport, and to choose to have a guide for the whole trip, only on some specific days, or not to have one at all (some activities must be guided).


We also want to tell you that we plan the trip, organise all the details on the ground and do the daily follow-up to check that everything will go as it should, this is our job. Yours is to experience, to travel with your eyes open, to observe those unique moments that cannot be programmed and that will be the most valuable and to enjoy an experience that should be unique for you.

And of course, this also applies to Sikkim and Darjeeling, Bhutan and Tibet.


So, look and search, be inspired, start imagining and we’ll talk about it, either via email, Whatsapp or even a video call.

Your journey starts now!


Contact us to obtain the complete dossier of this itinerary, inquiry for all the information you need and ask us any questions you may have.