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What's on this website

Well, maybe we are a slightly different agency (we like to think so) but, finally, we are still a trekking and travel agency, so what we do is organise your trip in the best way we can.

As you may have already seen, you can travel with us in many different ways, from travelling on your own and hiring small services to have the whole trip organised with a guide, vehicle, accommodation, etc.

That said, what we can offer you or, in other words, what you will find on this website:


These are the normal travel programmes and, as we have just said, you can do it at all levels, whatever suits you.

All itineraries are designed by us and we always try to reflect our travel philosophy. That’s why we don’t have many trips published here because we can tailor-make them to suit your tastes and needs.

We like everyone to explore, discover and travel with their eyes and, above all, with their senses wide open. We want every trip to be different. Travelling is precisely that, facing something different to our environment, and therefore learning and experiencing things we are not used to and deciding inwardly what we liked, … and what we didn’t. Why else would we travel?


This is the most important part of our work in terms of volume. As in the trips, we try to adapt the routes to our way of working, although naturally, the trek itineraries are less variable. We do not limit ourselves to “copy-paste” treks as most of the agencies do, we explore all or almost all the routes according to our calendar possibilities and we keep updating the information.

All the itineraries include what we consider to be the minimum number of overnight stays for a comfortable and safe trip. But it is always a good idea to add an extra day to get to know the region better, to be able to travel more calmly and enjoy more, if you can afford it due to your schedule and budget. In any case, you can hire the complete itinerary as it is, customize it to your liking, or hire only the trek itinerary. Whatever you prefer.

The standard trek format includes mountain guide and porters, usually one for every two hikers. You can choose not to take a porter, but with us, you cannot opt-out of the guide. We do not provide porters without a guide.


The activities are very useful information to set up your own itinerary, to extend your stay and get to know the country better or to discover things you might find interesting to do.


One or half-day activities, which are as options, usually originate and return to the same place and are usually from Kathmandu or Pokhara. They include:

– the classic guided tours (although ours are not so classic)

  • day hikes
  • various experiences that involve a more direct approach or knowledge of the country
  • one-day sports activities such as mountain biking, rafting, etc.


These are activities that include at least one night’s accommodation and have a duration of between two to four or five days. They generally have Kathmandu and/or Pokhara as their starting and/or finishing point. Includes:

  • short treks and trekking routes of five, four or fewer days.
  • visits to Chitwan National Park
  • sports activities such as mountain biking, rafting with camping, etc. of more than one day.

Please note that, while the trek itineraries include the complete trip planning with stays in Kathmandu and Pokhara, the small treks and other activities only include the itinerary from your accommodation at the start to the end, without the overnight stays outside the activity, as the activities are included in a larger trip, either with us or on your own.


We have added some information about different highlights of Nepal. This way you can get a more concrete overview and help you decide, for example, what you might be interested in seeing and what you might not be interested in.

And as always and as you will have seen, talk to us, ask questions, and we will try to find together what best suits what you want. In this sense, the activities, together with the information about the places, can help you to get a clearer idea of what you can do, or to configure your own travel itinerary, but naturally, we can’t put everything here, so if you want to do something you have seen elsewhere or need information you can’t find here, ask us.

As we have seen, for the vast majority of you our standard level of travel is well suited to your needs, but you can also do it on a lower budget or in full luxury. Naturally, we have a limit below which we cannot offer you anything of sufficient quality and responsibility as an agency, and on the high end, the limit is set by the maximum luxury that the country can offer.

Also, if your destination is Nepal, be sure to read the document “Four Things About Nepal”, where you will find a lot of information, travel notes and tips about Nepal that will (hopefully) be of great use to you.
You’ll also find useful travel information on Sikkim and Darjeeling, Bhutan and Tibet. It’s important to check them out when preparing your trip.