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Hiking to Ramkot

- from Bandipur -

Nepal - 1 day activity

From Bandipur, this hiking proposal is a good circular route that will take us through a beautiful rural environment towards the Magar village of Ramkot. It is not a difficult route, but it should be done in a leisurely and unhurried manner. You don’t need to take much, just sun protection and/or rain gear, water, some food or lunch if you want to take it easy, and comfortable shoes.

There is a direct route up the mountainside, but we like it much better, because it is much more interesting, to first go down into the valley where you will pass farms and fields, with traditional houses, some schools and the life of the rural areas of Nepal. Then you will go up to Ramkot, a pretty Magar village where many agencies say that the houses are circular, which proves that they have not been here much. In fact, there is one circular house (and maybe a few others) but no more. The return trip can be done by the normal route, which is flatter and flanks over the valley, with some small climbs and descents.

Bear in mind that this is an effective 3.30 to 4 hours of walking, plus the stops you make, which can be extended if you walk at a slower pace, which we recommend.

For this route, we recommend spending two nights in Bandipur, which is a good excuse.


Contact us to obtain the complete dossier of this itinerary, inquiry for all the information you need and ask us any questions you may have.