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At Plan Himalaya, we think that travelling is not just about visiting monuments and watching landscapes and trekking is not just about walking. For us, travel is an approach to culture, to people. To travel is to experience, learn and open our eyes wide.
That’s why we try to include this feeling of discovery in all our routes. We don’t take everything for granted. We want our clients to work a little on their trip, not just follow a guide who tells them a whole series of things they have learnt off the cuff. We want you to ask questions, observe, experience… travel.

Close contact

Something that defines us is the direct and personal contact with you, the travellers. It is a part of our job that we love and that we do not want to lose. That’s why we don’t want to become a big company because we want to keep this close contact with you, person to person.

Before starting the trip or trek, you will see that we accumulate a long list of emails about different questions. Some travellers suffer because they feel they ask us too many questions. No, there are never too many and we love to answer all the questions you ask us …. and it’s normal that you have a lot of them!

We can create new itineraries for you or customise existing ones. The itineraries we publish can be a base to make a new one for you. You also have information on the web.
The trips can be of all kinds, you can hire a complete package with a guide from start to finish, or you can travel on your own and ask us for a service or make a small extension. There are many options, but please note we won’t do services against our philosophy and ethics (such as elephant back safaris, for example).
Remember that it is your trip, not ours.

Meaningful itineraries

When we create our itineraries, we try to give them a sense, that each part fits together, that they have a logic, that from each place something different can be extracted, that they are varied, and that they have a calm rhythm. This is our will.

We like to offer you things that are a bit out of the ordinary, that can be a bit of a challenge for you.
However, as in life, the precious moments are those little unexpected moments, those girls singing on a bus, that sunset while walking with elephants, that visit to an isolated temple where a monk recites mantras, the row of relatives playing music in the street celebrating a wedding, that little bird eating from your hand just as you cross a pass in the middle of glaciers …


Our guides
They are the ones who are most in touch with you, so they are very important to us. We are building up a small group of free-lance guides who we trust and who understand the way we work and what we want. They are all great, but no two guides are the same, and we are adding more and more girls to our team.
We have Spanish, French and English speaking tour guides. They love their job and they love their country. They won’t give you a lecture that you will forget in 5 minutes, we prefer you to ask what you are most curious about.
As for the mountain guides, we value safety very much, because in good weather everything is very easy, but when the conditions in the mountains change is when you can see which guide is good and which is not. In this sense we only have English or French-speaking guides, but not Spanish speaking. But if you think you can’t get by with English, ask us.
Something very important that also defines us is that we work with the people of the country. All our guides are locals. Some agencies advertise the solidarity trip a lot, but then they bring their guides from home. We believe that true solidarity is to generate economic engines in the country, rather than one-off aid.

+977 985 110 5516


It has more than 30 years of experience, especially as a mountain guide and tour leader, but also in the hotel sector leading workgroups. Chandra enjoys a good reputation among his colleagues and is recognized for his independence.

He decided to create Plan Himalaya to be able to work as he really wants, following his own criteria, and offering that extra care in the work that he did not find in other agencies.

A part of being the owner, is in charge of the previous management of everything that implies each trip, and follows the evolution at all times during the same. Controlling and following each detail is a fundamental part of our philosophy.

Very used to a demanding market, French, always cares about the welfare of travelers and that their experience is as positive as possible.

As a curiosity, Chandra arranged all ground-production for the Arte TV channel for the two chapters dedicated to Nepal into the series “Dans Teus Yeux” (In Your Eyes), playing an almost protagonist role in the chapter of the Himalayas which you can watch here.

Chandra speaks apart from Nepali and Hindi, French, and English.


I am your main contact before you travel to Himalaya. I take care of everything related to travelers and put on paper the itineraries we create with Chandra. I try to adapt the philosophy of an independent traveler in our programs, and above all I enjoy proposing things, resolving your doubts and adapting the itineraries for you.

I can work as a tour leader for specific groups, but never eliminating the figure of the local guide.

Although I have worked 30 years in television and audio-visual communication sector, I did not hesitate a second to join Plan Himalaya from the beginning, to put very small part on Chandra’s project that I am passionate about, learning new things every day.

I live between Nepal, Taiwan and Catalonia, so the best way to get in touch with me is via email or whattsapp.

I speak Catalan, Spanish and English, plus useless Nepali and Chinese.


+886 906644694 (sólo whatsapp)