Why we are different

In Plan Himalaya we don't want to become the biggest trek agency in Nepal, or the cheapest, or the stronger... we simply want you to enjoy your trip, your trek. We think that's the point that has to make the difference among others.
We don't forget that's always is your trip, not ours. You don't follow our way, we just guide your steps.

We put in practice some initiatives to achieve what we want:


Refunding money
It is our commitment that if during your trip or your trek there are something that goes wrong and it's our fault, we will refund the proportion of money related to the problem.
But of course keep in mind that in Nepal and in the mountains things can vary according to the preview plan, as due weather, roads or paths state, place availability, etc..
Be flexible and keep in mind that we will try to find the best solution for any problem.

The porters load
Nowadays there are several agencies that limit to 30kg the trek porters load. This is also the limit we have set ourselves and we still try to lower it a bit more.
That's why we ask our customers not to give more than 10kg loading stuff to porters. Given that there are usually two porters per customer is still a bit of margin to carry their personal belongings and part of the collective burden.
Recall also that for a trek, everyone must look to reduce the amount of things to carry to the basics essential for the safety and comfort.

Promoting alternative routes
Obviously we guide you where you want to go, but in Plan Himalaya we will encourage you to decide follow routes less traveled, to make treks to areas not so concurred, visit places that are not so crowded by tourism, or when we visit these places, try to do it in a slightly different way.
This not only benefits you, it is a proactive action to provide better support to economically disadvantaged areas for tourism and redistribute the wealth a little better.

Promoting women staff
Compared to other countries around, in Nepal the situation of women is more equality with men. But still a long way to go.
We try to have a small staff of guides women working for us as a measure of economic rebalancing and especially for those tasks where the presence of a woman is advantageous for our customers, whether for families with young children, girls thatb prefer a woman guide, etc..

Ethical and professional rules for our guides
Throughout our experience in the world of travel and treks we realize that customers often missing information provided by guides.
In Plan Himalaya we give our guides and tour leaders a professional and ethic code they must follow and we try to teach them to improve in this aspect.
Our guides should explain to customers every day what it is itinerary we have to follow, what options there are, the degree of difficulty, potential hazards, health, cultural, food, history, etc..
But you also have a part. Encourage relationships with your staff, ask what you want to know, be curious about everything that you see every day. But keeping in mind that no one knows everything and sometimes many Nepalese find it difficult to handle information in the same way that you are used in your country.

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Client Testimonials

had a great time in Nepal

"J'ai passé un séjour formidable au Népal qui m'a permis de d'admirer de magnifiques paysages pendant mon trekking, de découvrir une culture très riche grâce aux visites de très beaux sites historiques, de connaître des gens simples et chaleureux qui deviennent très vite des amis et de goûter à de bons petits plats.   Tout était parfaitement organisé et je t'en remercie in ...........[more]