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The ancient India, land of maharajas, land of saints and seers, the land that is perfect fusion of tradition and modernity; with so many cultural and geographical diversities, India has its own way of life. It is an incredible country that can offer almost anything a traveler wants to explore and experience, whether it be historic palaces, cultural heritage sites, majestic temples & tombs and stunning natural beauty, colorful market places and streets, sea beaches, desolate deserts, forested mountains, snow capped peeks, torrential rivers, verdant valleys and even a spiritual search for yourself. However, India has its own glorious culture and tradition of present and past. For a first time visitor, India is full of surprises but its earthy mysticism sheds a magical spell on most of the visitors. The experience of traveling through this antique land is beyond description. Come experience the magic of this topographically, religiously, traditionally, culturally diverse land. With a complete tour plan of the most preferred destinations such as Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan to the less-explored venues such as Arunachal and Orissa, we guarantee that your tour of India with us will be a truly marvelous vacation you ever had.

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J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer Chandra il y a plus de 20 ans (en 1991 exactement) lorsque j’étais étudiante en géographie et que je préparais ma thèse à Katmandou. Il travaillait déjà dans le tourisme (dans l’hôtellerie) et j’ai tout de suite apprécié son humeur agréable et toujours égale, ainsi que sa très grande fiabilité et son sens de l’honnêtet&eacu ...........[more]